Beavers Explore History for the Faith Badge at St Bartholomew’s Church, Horley – May 2024

Date: 18th May 2024 Author: Scout Websites

The Beavers came buzzing with curiosity and questions on a recent visit to St Bartholomew’s Church, commonly known as Bart’s, in the heart of Horley. As Horley’s oldest Anglican church, Bart’s has a history dating back to the 14th century, making it a fascinating destination for our Faith Badge.

The Beavers embarked on a journey through time, learning about Horley’s heritage and marvelling at the beautiful church architecture. They may have even spotted the Horley war memorial plaque,  old paintings on the wall, and  even the captivating stained glass windows, with a little hidden face of a local man named Bernard who was heavily involved in the church.

The visit wasn’t just about sights! The Beavers were treated to the melodic sounds of the church organ, expertly played by their host, Tim Hill. They actively participated in the experience, singing songs and playing games in the upstairs rooms, usually used for coffee mornings, groups and meetings.

The Beavers’ inquisitive minds had plenty of questions, prompting discussions about the Faith badge and offering a chance to share their reflections and things they were thankful for which they had written and drawn in their previous meeting.

A Hint of Mystery: The whispers of a secret tunnel sparked the Beavers’ imaginations, adding a touch of intrigue to their historical exploration.

For all the pictures see here: St. Barts Church Beavers Visit May 2024

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