Upgrades – New Common Room at Baden and Sound Proofing at Salfords

Date: 18th Feb 2024 Author: Bev Clear

Exciting Upgrades at Baden Drive Scout Hut and Salfords

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting upgrades at both our Baden Drive scout hut and Salfords!

Soundproofing at Salfords

Our Salfords Scout Hut has had a much-needed soundproofing upgrade. The new panels, sporting our classic black, red, and yellow scarf colours, not only look great but also help keep the noise level down, making it a more enjoyable environment for everyone. This is especially good news for our Beaver colony, who can now make all the noise they want without ruining the leaders’ ears!

Common Room Transformation at Baden Drive

Thanks to the hard work of GSL Dan Gould and his family, our Baden Drive Scout Hut has undergone a fantastic transformation. The common room, once a storage space, has been transformed into a haven for our groups to hang out and relax. It’s now equipped with books, scouting-themed games, a football table, and a pool table, which the Scouts are already enjoying putting to good use.

We’re confident that these upgrades will make our Scout huts even more enjoyable and welcoming for everyone who uses them.


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